Moses Abolade, Executive Director, PEPNETI welcome you to Peace Education and Practice Network (PEPNET). This is the official website of the foremost peace education organisation in the world. PEPNET is an international non-governmental, non-religious, non-political and non for profit organization saddled with the responsibility of teaching and being responsible for raising a world of peaceful individuals in a different society.

The evolution and ideation of this great course started sometime in 2018, where a group of peacebuilders passionate about peace education met to discuss a new approach to building peace through creative and innovative informal means. The first official meeting and official launching were done 1, November 2018, at Heritage Park, Opposite Queens Hall; University of Ibadan. Peace Education and Practice Network (PEPNET) is an organisation with a vision of building a world of peaceful individuals through the following thematic areas: 

  1. Peace Education Research
  2. Peace Education Advocacy
  3. Sustainable Development
  4. Capacity Building and Training Programmes on Peace Education
  5. Leadership and Governance  

PEPNET reaches out to children, teenagers and youths, as well as other age range as peace issues, are not age bound. We try to use all creative and innovative tools like media platforms like Radio and TV channel, social media, rally, applications and so on to pass our message to enlighten people on the concepts on and around Peace, Peace Education, Human Security, Gender-Based Violence, Conflict Analysis and Management, Human Rights and Social Justice, Inclusion and Artivism among others for the vision of building a world of peaceful individuals.

We are groups of people from various fields of life and disciplines with the common goal of teaching all humans the culture and practices.  We deal more with the following categories of people such as; out of school children, school leaders and leavers, those who are discriminated against like ex-prison inmates, albino and people with obvious kind of disability, teachers, religious leaders, justice and equity-related cases and violent conflict victims with more concern on preventive measures as it relates with peacebuilding intention.

Our past projects include but not limited to:

  1. Secondary School Sensitization Projects
  2. Peace Media
  3. Community Development Programmes
  4. Peace Education Workshop 1.0
  5. PEPNET E-Seminar (Social Media Platform)
  6. PEPNET E-Summit (Virtual Interactive Platform) and so on

These programmes and projects are designed in a way to pay attention to not only a formal form of education but also to reach out to those who do not have access to formal education. Also, PEPNET is a social enterprise for socioeconomic and financial security. We envisioned that we will have over 5 million Peace Networkers, Peace Entrepreneurs, Peace Ambassador, Peace scholars and Volunteers before by November 2022.

Again, I want to appreciate you for login into the home of Peace Education in the world. I welcome you to one of the noblest endeavours for the present and future of humanity and our world. Always remember, to reach peace, we must teach peace.

Thank you for your time. 

Moses Abolade,

Executive Director, PEPNET